Conférence de l’Institut Pasteur de Madagascar : le mercredi 8 mai 2024 à 11h

A fine-scale spatial understanding of Anopheles species diversity and Plasmodium transmission through targeted sequencing

Targeted sequencing is now feasible for very large sample sets, presenting an opportunity to genetically monitor vector populations. To begin to obtain a fine-scale understanding of species composition and population structure of Anopheles mosquitoes and their Plasmodium transmission patterns, we have sequenced nearly 10,000 Anopheles mosquitoes Madagascar. These mosquitoes were collected from dozens of sites throughout the country, representing a wide diversity of habitats. We sequenced each individual with ANOSPP, a multi-locus amplicon sequencing panel that targets 62 loci in the generic Anopheles genome, as well as 2 mitochondrial loci in the generic Plasmodium genome. We used k-mer approaches to perform mosquito species assignment by comparing our samples against a recently updated reference index, now representing 100 named Anopheles species, some with cryptic within-species diversity. With this unique dataset we can connect species distributions and population structure to spatial features, like environmental settings, and identify geographical gene flow barriers.

Marilou is a postdoctoral fellow, working on Anopheles diversity monitoring in Madagascar, with Diego Ayala and Mara Lawniczak. Within this project, she is responsible for sequencing data analysis of the collected mosquitoes and development of new computational methods to obtain insights from targeted sequencing data. Previously Marilou was a PhD student and postdoctoral fellow in the Lawniczak group, focused on species assignment methods for the ANOSPP panel and population genetic analysis of Anopheles funestus and she is still involved in these projects. Marilou is affiliated with IPM in Antananarivo, Madagascar and LIB in Bonn, Germany.

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